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ISqlOmRenderer Interface

Defines methods common to all SqlOM renderers.

For a list of all members of this type, see ISqlOmRenderer Members.

public interface ISqlOmRenderer

Types that implement ISqlOmRenderer

Type Description
MySqlRenderer Renderer for MySql
OracleRenderer Renderer for Oracle
SqlOmRenderer Provides common implementation for ISqlOmRenderer
SqlServerRenderer Renderer for SqlServer


Derive from ISqlOmRenderer when you wish to develop a brand new renderer. You can write 100% proprietery code for while implementing the interface methods but it is not advised. Instead you can inherit the SqlOmRenderer class which implements 80-95% of your rendering functionality. All renderers must return a string as their rendering result.


Namespace: Reeb.SqlOM.Render

Assembly: Reeb.SqlOM (in Reeb.SqlOM.dll)

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