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Benefits of using Sql.Net over proprietary code

SQL Generation

Most enterprise applications reach a stage where user defined reports or filters are required. Since the structure of the query is not known in development time, SQL must be generated dynamically after a report or filter is defined. Sql.Net fits perfectly for the task since it allows you to describe the query using a convenient Object Model instead of concatenating strings. Using Sql.Net eliminates potential errors and security holes, saves time and will not require you to rewrite the engine once the database changes.


Pagination (aka paging) is the most common technique to display information when there is more data than it is possible to put on one screen. The technique suggests that the data is divided into pages of a constant size and only one page is retrieved and displayed at a time. Every database has different level of support for paging. Sql.Net on the other hand, has a dedicated interface to page any kind of query on any supported database.

Data Layer, Software Views and Stored Procedures

Support for software views and procedures is currently under development. Please contact us for more information.


Benefits of using Sql.Net over other data abstraction products

  • Sql.Net offers a unique feature of representing a database query in memory in an updatable Object Model while most DAL generators have limited support for dynamic SQL or no support at all.
  • Most data access layer generators obligate you to use their database access methodology. Sql.Net only generates SQL while you still control the way it is executed.
  • Sql.Net comes with complete source code. If there is a feature you lack, you can easily add it.